The folksoul Philosophy

Developing the whole human being by educating the head, heart & hands

Inspiring a lifetime love of learning and service

FolkSoul Farm educates children for the whole of life, using the curriculum and educational principles of Waldorf Education, so they become confident individuals, capable of making free choices, able to realize their full potential, and inspired to make a difference in the world. We place importance on educating children for intellectual ingenuity, moral character and global citizenship. We focus on developing lifelong learners who give purpose to their lives and communities. To further this aim, we strive to provide a beautiful, cohesive campus that radiates learning, working and playing while attracting and expanding full and diverse enrollment supported by abundant resources. We enthusiastically work and serve in the world community as stewards of social renewal.
Honoring the natural rhythms of human development

Promoting a sustainable future

We live with reverence for our farm, our town of Ashland, our state of Oregon and for the planet Earth. We identify and develop opportunities for our students to become socially and environmentally responsible citizens. We support environmentally sound actions both on our campus and in our greater community. We strive to reflect and serve an awareness of the earth's ecosystems, the earth's resources, and the attending issues of global social justice.

We provide a rich curriculum through artistic and creative experiences. We teach our students to love learning, to express their innate creativity, to live with reverence for life, to serve as self-directed, engaged members of the greater community, and to thrive in the global 21st century. We teach our students to cultivate peace, foster communication, and encourage tolerance. They are engaged in the advancement of the arts, the sciences, and the well-being of the planet. They are a powerful force for good, because they are confident in meeting the world with passion and vision. They have learned not only to ask "Why?" - but also to ask, "Why not?”

our Mission:

FolkSoul Farm nurtures head, heart and hands, cultivating inner warmth, bringing warmth to the world.

our Vision

Humanity, in wonder at the wholeness of the world, ennobled by the wholeness within.

our strategy

our core values: to educate through...

dedicating ourselves daily to building community & making our world a better place